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3) People who would be wardriving would go otherwhere anyway, but the network is connected to the office as well, and that one has too many unscrupulous enemies. I wouldn’t even go for WEP with SSID hidden and MAC restrictions.

2) Too bad I’ve got kind of an ecological mind and wouldn’t want the additional “useless” power consumption 😉

1) Would probably the best for me… if I had known about this before buying, damn 🙄 😉

I currently have two M1001, and a neighbour as well. We’ve planed some experiments for this… recording a LP both in 44,1 kHz and 48 kHz to be able to do some comparison of exactly the same signal on the same hardware. I know audiophiles don’t like these simple 1 vs. 1 comparisons a lot, but for us it’ll be sufficient and we could really compare the same signal in unconverted quality (due to the analogue source).