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@UK Phil wrote:

Thanks Rich I had wondered if it was quite that straight forward, Roku have made a real screw up here haven’t they? That Squeezebox is sounding ever more attractive.

I’ve been a little surprised with some of Roku’s hardware design decisions such as the upsampling and lack of ethernet on the radio. Hopefully they’ll take account of the feedback they’ve had.

For me squeeze isn’t the solution though. If you buy a Squeezebox you have to use Slimserver and I don’t like being locked in to things, no matter how capable. The beauty of the Roku is that it supports so many protocols – DAAP, UPNP, RSP. You have lots of flexibility on the server side in terms of both hardware and software. The Roku / Firefly / NAS combo really is killer for music…

I’m sure that you could pick up an original M1000 on ebay or you may be able to get a refurb M1000 direct from Roku.