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@thomasjon wrote:

Hello all – This program is great. I am using a NSLU2 with a macbook and a western digital 250 gig drive on the slug. Anyway I installed the stable version of MT-DAAPD and it was a little slow. I created the path share/hdd/data/public/mp3 and moved my entire collection there – 90 GIGS. Anyway, tonight I was adventurous and upgraded to the latest nightly version. Everything works except that I no longer have access to anything past the data folder. Nothing shows up. How do I regain access to my entire mp3 collection. Please help. I am a newbie with this stuff and dont want to have to send all of my mp3s back to this drive. It seems to be there because the space is taken on the drive, but I have no way of accessing it. HELP

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Not sure I understand. Are you saying that the new version doesn’t show up in iTunes? Or that it shows up in iTunes, but it doesn’t show any files? Or That it shows up in iTunes, and you can see the files, but they don’t play?

Or can you just not get to them when you network connect to the slug?

Also, did you use the install guide from the wiki?

More info would help.

I’m trying to spend more time in #mt-daapd on freenet, so you can find me there, probably.

— Ron