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Reply To: Transcoding exotic formats (other than mp4a, mpeg, wav, etc)



It still doesn’t work. 🙁

I tried to get ogg to decode, that worked. Then I discovered that even while I commented ogg support out of the transcode script, it still worked.
This is because the ffplugin was still enabled (stupid me).

I disabled the plugin, but now I can’t even decode ogg files. When I start the script with either an ogg or an dmo file, and write it to a wave file, it is playable.

In Itunes, both ogg and dmo files now show up as MP3. It’s like firefly doesn’t know it needs to transcode those files.


extensions = .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.ogg,.flac,.mpc,.dmo
ssc_codectypes = ogg, flac, alac, unkn
ssc_prog = /usr/sbin/

In /usr/sbin/ I added the following:

adlib_file() {
$ADLIBDEC --quiet --output=disk --device=- "$FILE" | $WAVSTREAMER -o $OFFSET $FORGELEN

if ( echo $1 | grep -i ".dmo$" > /dev/null 2>&1 ); then

P.S. I checked my song database with sqlite3, and the ogg file still shows up as ogg, my adlib files as unkn.