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Reply To: Transcoding exotic formats (other than mp4a, mpeg, wav, etc)



@metalliferous wrote:

What you’re trying to say is that I should take an existing codectype, rename my files to that extension, so that firefly will start the transcoding process?

Ah, no sorry. I wasn’t verbose enough there. Sorry.

As shipped, there is a conversion script ( that transcodes alac, flac, and ogg. The relevant config entries look like:


Or something.

Your custom files will be entered in the db with a codec type of “unkn”. So you’ll have to have a script for “unkn” types. You could do this:


Except then, it won’t transcode ogg or flac or alac anymore. Also, it doesnt’ use wavstreamer which helps to set up the headers correctly in the generated .wav file. So I think the optimal solution is:


And then modify the script such that it will transcode your file type. It should be reasonably easy to modify — take a look and use copy/paste methods to integrate your stuff in.

That’s what I was getting at.

— Ron