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Reply To: Transcoding exotic formats (other than mp4a, mpeg, wav, etc)



@rpedde wrote:

Ah, yes. Unknown formats show up as codec type “unkn”. I intend to add scripted metadata scanners, so a script could dummy up the codec types to whatever they wanted. Not there yet.

You should be able to modify shipped transcode script to transcode your files as well.

— Ron

What you’re trying to say is that I should take an existing codectype, rename my files to that extension, so that firefly will start the transcoding process?

I’ve been trying to get that idea to work but no luck so far. 🙁

If I try to ‘fake’ firefly to take one of the internal codectypes, and use the ssc_prog to transcode it, the scanners of those codectypes won’t allow my files to be added to the database.