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@gva0002 wrote:

Yes, soundbridge displays names correctly (i don’t use Itunes). Onlya after pressing play i get “Unable to play “…boxes…” / Play Next / Stop”

I used build 1376 on XP, tried 1498 today, and everything works with both builds. There’s more to it. I shared the WML library through Vista media sharing, and soundbridge was able to play the files. I also tried to convert ape to flac and tag the files in Russian under Vista. Soundbridge played FLAC files without any problems. I’ll experiment with re-tagging/renaming the WML files and/or converting them to FLAC under Visa (wanted to move everything to FLAC anyway) and see if something helps. I’ll post if I find the solution.

So to be sure — flac transcodes okay, even with non-latin filenames, but wma does not? Is that right?