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@sansp00 wrote:

Does a documentation of the RSP (not RCP) protocol exists somewhere that we could use. There is an implementation of the protocol in Firefly, but no docs anywhere.

It really isn’t difficult to debug imho. Take a look at the rsp_uri_map and you have it. If you think you can write code that accesses the server through RSP, you surely could understand RSP by simply looking at that array and trying out http://a.b.c.d:port/rsp/info/ etc..

@sansp00 wrote:

What are the diffs/purposes/pros and cons between the RCP and the RSP ?

RCP = Roku Control Protocol
RSP = Roku Server(?) Protocol

So the differences are obviously the side they’re for. RCP is for controlling the client, RSP for serving from the server. There’s no pros and cons since its apples and peaches – not intended for the same thing.