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Reply To: Soundbrige does not connect to firefly Media Server



The adviser shows you how to accredit and configure Firefly Media Server for limited admission (delves into anchorage forwarding, firewall settings, etc. I conciliate anatomy Kaspersky Internet Security beneath Settings – > Protection -> Anti Hacker -> Check box of at “activate Firewall”. Start my Soundbridge and I got the PlayList from my Fire Fly Server.
After i accept baddest an Playlist and columnist play, tha I about-face my Kaspersky firewall to on and it works accomplished now..
Interesting. Seems to be that the Soundbridge forward a “helo or echo” to a bankrupt anchorage to the firefly. I will try to acquisition out which anchorage so that I accept my firewall consistently on (my suggestions IGMP Ports have to be open).