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@GuidoStu wrote:

Hi all,

DSL Router: Netgear DG834GTB (Firmwareversion V1.02.04); UPnp is activatet
Soundbridge: M-1000 connected through WLAN (WEP secured) – Playin Streams over the internet without any problems.
PC: Windows XP SP2 German, with Kaspersky Internet Security
UPnp is running and I see the Soundbridge and Router in the Network
Ports are enabled in Kaspersky and also try to disable them for a few
minutes -> false too
Installed Software:
FireFly Server 1.0 SVN1359 – Running
Bounjour is running too
I-Tunes v7.0.2.16 – see the local FireFly server

I can connect throug my FireFox to the Soundbridge and to the FireFly Server.

So far so good, but my M-1000 did not find my Firefly Server. I have no Idea what is going wrong. Any suggestions ?

Thanks Guido
Sorry for my broken english

That’s almost always bad multicast on the router. If you connect your soundbridge on the wired side and it works fine, then then problem is multicast ont he router.

Dlink routers have been reported to have problems with older firmware. Is there a newer firmware you can install?

Also, check if there is a settings to enable either multicast or IGMP. You want those enabled.