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Reply To: Different number of songs from remote iTunes and Firefly



The iTunes Summary of the Library is telling me how many songs there are.

If I start iTunes on the remote machine (‘Office’), on my client iTunes I can see in Shared Music I can see ‘Office’ and the Firefly (‘Firefly’) instance.

If I click on ‘Office’, the summary says “10681 songs, 28.8 days, 48.28GB.
On ‘Firefly’, it says “7110 songs, 18.9 days, 29.46 GB”

FYI, I forgot to mention in my original post that ‘Firefly’ is loading the same iTunes.xml as ‘Office’.

Thanks for any help!

@stretch wrote:

when exactly is it telling you how many songs there are?

If it while it’s loading the song list then that’s a known bug that’s not really a bug on the SB. The message reads “Received xxxx items”
When loading a large list of songs the SB tells you where its up to but doesn’t give you a final count when it finishes. It just jumps straight to music selection.