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Reply To: Different number of songs from remote iTunes and Firefly



1. Library only contains mp3 and mp4 files.
2. There are sufficient rights for the service because it serves some, but not all songs.
3. Yes, I’ve tried to find the songs not served, but they’re all mp3/mp4 format.

Still mystified….

@ccrdude wrote:

Some ideas:

* Some file types are not supported (not mp3/(m3a/m4p/wma), e.g. you have .ogg or .flac or .mpc or .shn …. files. These are not set for scanning/transcoding.
* Access rights, though Firefly as a service should have sufficient on Windows
* Have you tried to find a few of those songs not served, to see if they fit into the first category (different type), have other special properties (special characters, broken tags, etc.)?