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first of all: Thanks a lot for the great work in buidling firefly! It is a beautiful piece of software.

I use a linkstation II as media server with a robu soundbridge:

– openlink
– firefly

It works well. But there is a problem with ogg transcoding. It´s too slow and therefore doesn´t work. I have learned that the cpu of the linkstation has no floating point unit, so I have to use a hacked version of oggdec .

I installed ogg-libs, vorbis-libs and tremor . But I can´t find a source tarball of the ivorbis-tools, which is a modified version of vorbis-tools, using integers.

My question:

Does anyone hae a hint for me how to find the sources of ivorbis-tools?

Thanks a lot



Here’s a thread that talks about just that:

Note that depending on the endian-ness of your machine you may have to comment out the byteswapping part. Yell if that doesn’t make sense, or if you need more detailed info.

— Ron