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Reply To: installing problem of nightly-firefly at NSLU2



thanks for the reply.

I have a few points not solved yet:

– I have changed the settings in the NSLU2 but nothing has changed. The same errors are coming.
Where is the bottleneck?
By the way, there is also a strange thing. When I have connected the NSLU via ethernet cable I have no internet connection via the wlan. First, I have to stop the NSLU than I have internet connection via the wlan. I guess I have changed something wrong?

– Nevertheless I have downloaded the mt-daapd_svn-1498-1_armek.ipk and has put it into the tmp folder. Then I have installed the file via telnet by ipkg install mt-daapdxxxxx.ipk. It work but at the end it say: “cannot satisfy the followin dependencies for mt-daapd (libid3tag, libogg, ivorbis-tools, flac, sqlite2, bash, alac-decoder, sqlite).
I guess, this is due to the failed internet-connection and thus, no ipkg update can be done.

Need help to install the firefly server, please