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Reply To: iTunes crashes with Firefly svn 1498 (Windows XP SP2)



@fizze wrote:

where is firefly’s music library located?
is it the same older as iTunes’?
And is xml processing turned on?

I guess that firefly locks some files while its doing a scan, which iTunes chokes on, or vice-versa.

You shouldnt have the exact same folder in both, firefly and iTunes. instead copy your iTunes.xml with all the smart playlists whatever to a different folder and have that read by firefly.

The only file they “share” which might be dangerous is the iTunes Music Library.xml file. If iTunes sees it locked, though, then it writest the .xml file to a .tmp file and renames it later.

Really shouldn’t be a problem.

The only other thing that might irritate iTunes might be an old version of bonjour? Latest is 1.0.3 available here.

That’s all I can think of. Although doing what fizze suggests will eliminate and file contention problems, so that’s worth trying to see if it stabilizes it.

— Ron