Reply To: Is there some kind of Roadmap f. further releases available?


@jheinitz wrote:

Nevertheless I would like to ask you wether you have some kind of roadmap of the coming releases / nightlies available? I checked the Wiki but I did not find anything. I read some of the forum topics and got some information out of it like moving the DB backend to plugins etc.

Not really an official one. Here are the items at my top of mind:

1. Fix vista UAC problems (almost done)
2. Fix video streaming/FrontRow
3. Move db to plugin/refactor
– “Top N” playlists
– “Order by” playlists (including random)
4. LUA plugin

Once I get the LUA plugin stuff working, I think I’ll just work on making more of the features requested available as a lua script. That way the core can stay relatively uncluttered, while new features can be added by those that choose it by using an appropriate script.

Another question is if there is a possibility to register for a mailing list to get informed when a new nightly is abailable for download or not.

Don’t have one set up now, but I do have mailman set up on the firefly site. I’ll see about setting up a list for that.

There is an rss feed at, if that helps.

— Ron