Reply To: Problem with svn-1498 and svn-1489


@rissom wrote:

Firefly has several problems on my Debian Sarge System. I first used the stable version. There is a memory leak which causes firefly to crash during start up. If I only use a small amount of mp3 files firefly (stable) works fine.

I then tried the nightlies. They also have the memory leak. For a small amount of files the server starts up fine and appears to be running (two entries in the ps-list) but does not show up in iTunes (firewall is disabled). The Log-file looks like this:

I’d be interested to hear more about the memory leak. I haven’t observed one, but if you could show me a valgrind or something similar (with nightlies), that would sure be helpful.

If you upgraded from 0.2.4 to nightlies, then you probably have a config file missing the plugins section.

Copy the config file from the contrib folder into /etc and edit that to suit. That will probably do it (assuming it showed up in iTunes using 0.2.4).

— Ron.