Reply To: mt-daapd not working after power out – Debian Etch on NSLU2


@wabe wrote:

and fix your dns to not provide answers for .local, and that should make it work.

Thanks *rpedde*!!
How do I “fix the dns”? I’ve managed to change the .local domain in the “hosts” file. What else need changing? Really appreciate your help since I’m no expert in Linux

Hmm… The places I’d look for something called “.local” would be in your /etc hostname, as well as your /etc/hosts.

What are you using for DNS? Your router/switch? You might look at the web admin on that, and make sure you don’t have a domain name of .local set up on that. Maybe you could use “.network” or something instead. That would play more nicely with the mDNS.

I think it’s probably wherever your dns server is — my guess would be your firewall/router.