Reply To: mt-daapd not working after power out – Debian Etch on NSLU2


@wabe wrote:

Researched this issue further a bit. Found out that mDSresponder is part of a package called avahi. The particular service is called “avahi-daemon”. When trying to start this service manually I get an error message:
“Starting Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: avahi-daemon* avahi-daemon disabled because there is a unicast .local domain”

I’ve tried to read up on this since I use .local as internal domain name. I’ve tried to change this name to a different one in “hosts” but still receive the same error message after rebooting.

Anyone knows what’s going on?

Yep, that’s it. Avahi (in fact, mdns in general) doesn’t work well with a .local domain. It expects that .local is just for mdns, and a *real* domain name. You can change your host name, and fix your dns to not provide answers for .local, and that should make it work.