Reply To: mt-daapd not working after power out – Debian Etch on NSLU2


@wabe wrote:

Had a perfectly working mt-daapd on an NSLU2 running Debian Etch until power was cut a couple of days ago.
The system works in general as a samba server but I cannot see the music in iTunes any longer nor access the webinterface for mt-daapd
I’ve tried reinstalling mt-daapd.
The only thing I’ve noticed is an error message regarding ‘error initializing howl’
I’ve tried apt-get upgrade and tried resolving packages.
Any tips on how to proceed?

Sounds like your howl isn’t running. iirc, it’s called mDNSresponder, so a “/etc/init.dmDNSresponder start” should do it. Then you can start mt-daapd and it should show up.