Reply To: losing, then finding, iTunes playlists


@goussyd wrote:

I have ripped my collection of 500+ CD’s using iTunes 7.0. I’ve created about 80 playlists. When I run a full scan in Firefly, it only finds a small portion of the playlists, about 9-12 of them. Then, when I run the scan again, it finds the full 80. I’ve run the scan while iTunes is open and after closing iTunes, but the result is always the same.

I’ve turned off the timed scan because I was tired of losing playlists (in Firefly). I’m scanning on setting “1-aggresive”.

Any ideas?

With iTunes 7, it changes the IDs of the playlists whenever it writes the .xml file. Which means that from firefly’s perspective, it looks like the other playlist was deleted and a new one was created. So it keeps deleting and recreating playlists every time iTunes writes the xml file (which is every time it plays a song — it updates playcounts then).

This is fixed in nightlies (, but it takes a couple scans to finally settle out… one scan to get the get rid of the old playlists, and one more to bring in the playlists with the new IDs.

— Ron