Reply To: mt-daap and FC6


@smhrambo wrote:

Hello everybody,
I use mt-daap with fc6 (i use the fc4 rpm) but it don’t working.
after boot mt_daap is running (i can login in the webconfig) but in status it said that the dns server ist not running too.
I cant start it over the web so i restart mt-daap over the terminal.
after this the dns is running but ich cant go the the web interface.

is it better when i make mt-daap with the nightly version and a tar packed.

That could be several things — it might a problem with mdns — if you use the built-in mdns it sometimes has problems if you are using avahi as a mdns server already.

It may also be firewall — I don’t know fi you are running a firewall on that machine or not. But it could be either of those two problems.