Reply To: Streaming with on-the-fly conversion


@CCRDude wrote:

Well, I just said that because its not painful to “all” as you said, I understand that some people listen to live streams available only in realaudio.

The question apparently came up repeatedly in some Roku forums, that’s what I had fresh in my mind. All I know for sure is that I’m not the only one missing RealAudio streams.

Which leads me to another question: are you speaking about local files, or radio streams?

I was refering to radio streams. For files I agree with you – if I can choose the format myself I’m hard pressed as to why anyone would want to use RealAudio for it.

Imho transcoding is for files only.

Hm. After reading the Firefly docs on the subject I was expecting that. 🙁

Right, I already forgot about those alternative codecs… to be honest I don’t use the Windows version of Firefly so I don’t exactly know how transcoding is realized there, but if its known how to interface the original DLLs (and the alternative player does that), it should be possible…

I’d think that there are standards here – the RealAudio is a DirectShow codec like any other off-the-street codec.

For watching TV on my desktop I’m using a program (WinSTB) which is totally ignorant to the codecs it is accessing to decode the stream. Using a generic editor, I can exchange e.g. the MPEG decoder with the one from PowerDVD or pipe it to the codec for a hardware decoder card. The software simply pipes the raw stream to the “entry point” in the tree and follows the links from the filter blocks in there.

Couldn’t Firefly be made to work like this, too?