Reply To: Streaming with on-the-fly conversion


Well, I just said that because its not painful to “all” as you said, I understand that some people listen to live streams available only in realaudio. Which leads me to another question: are you speaking about local files, or radio streams? Imho transcoding is for files only.

Right, I already forgot about those alternative codecs… to be honest I don’t use the Windows version of Firefly so I don’t exactly know how transcoding is realized there, but if its known how to interface the original DLLs (and the alternative player does that), it should be possible… “just” a question of interfacing them in a way compatible to Fireflys transcoding (of course that would only implement it on Windows, so won’t be of any help to those serving from a NAS/Linux server etc.)…

But I guess it’s a task for a developer who needs RealAudio as much as you, since it’ll probably take some time.