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I’m sure it would take longer to dl than to run one yourself, but I’ve got a hinted h264 mp4 that’s over 2g.

All of my really big files come from ripping DVDs with Handbrake. The big problem right now is that, at least on my machine, qt-quickstart tells me the file is too big and MP4Box gives me an “out-of-memory” error, so I couldn’t find an easy way to hint them (supposedly forthcoming in HandBrake). Since I wanted to test it, I made a hinted file with QuickTime Pro.

If you’d like it to test with, let me know. I’d prefer not to post the url and have my little server burst into flames 🙂


I’ll probably just make one the same way then.


Did you get anywhere with this? I have a few movie files I’ve wripped from Handbrake that are 2.1GB that I would love to watch via mt-daapd. I looked for a trac system where you might have created a ticket but couldn’t find one.


no, I really haven’t. I keep getting bugged about it though, so I’ll eventually get to it. It’s on my “fix before stable” list.

I’m still working on the db rewrite. It’s working (mostly) right now, in that I can connect, browse, and do queries. Still some work to do, but I hope to drop a new nightly soon, as it’s at least working now.

Once that’s all stable and stuff, I’m going to pound on bugs, and that’s where that will come in.

— Ron