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@davy_gravy wrote:

I am running firefly 1489 debian ppc on a KuroHG that has eBox installed over that. eBox runs a firewall that is rather stiff, but integrated…so I cant just turn it off.

Well, normally I’d say to try it in two passes. First pass would be to make sure it can send *out* traffic for mdns. When the mdns server starts, it spams out mdns replies (to queries that haven’t been asked) to pre-cache mdns and notify of new service availability. So if you can send *out* multicast packets, you will see it pop into iTunes when it starts. Might have problems later if it can’t receive multicast (like it subsequently falling out of the iTunes list), but if it pushes itself into iTunes when it starts, then the *outbound* packet rule is okay.

Sounds like yours isnt, but if I look at your rules, it looks like your output chain first rule is everything everywhere. So I can’t imagine why it’s blocked.

Next question would be – are you sure your workstations can see shared iTunes? Have you check the “look for shared music” box on the workstation iTunes? Can the see *other* iTunes shares?

Also, how are the workstatons and this box connected? Is there a wireless link between them? That could cause problems, too….