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First let me say that I have no idea how to update Firefly w/ nightlies due to my limited tech knowledge. I have LOVED the Firefly server, but recently it has been temperamental. I have a PC w/ Windows XP, and use iTunes streamed through a Soundbridge—usually I have no problem playing my iTunes playlists. This week, however, one of my playlists disappeared. No changes were made to the configuration, nothing was changed in iTunes, and all of my other playlists are accessible. Of course it’s the one playlist I need for a party I’m hosting this Saturday!!! The playlist that disappeared was the most recent one I created.
I tried to go into the Configuration page to ensure I have the correct path for my iTunes Library, but all of the info I previously entered is not populating anymore. When I re-enter all of the info and save, it is gone the next time I open the configuration page.
I tried adding the songs to another playlist that I never use and renaming it; when I did that the playlist showed up on Soundbridge and Firefly, but it showed 0 items in it.
I’m also getting frequent “Connection to the server failed” messages on my Soundbridge unit. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated; I want to have my playlist up and running for Saturday w/ no worries!!

There are at least two issues on there, and I believe they may both have been fixed by the latest beta posted on the Roku site. You can find the link here:

I think that should fix you up.

— Ron