Reply To: Soundbridge problem: Cannot play"xxxxxx"


@jw2k_fr wrote:

I can’t see anything obvious in the way of an error. Anything I can try?

Thanks again


I don’t see anything obvious, either. Only think I can guess is that the transcoding script isn’t working. You can try reading the file with vlc or something… with vlc, do an “open location” and use:


as the path. See if it plays.

Probably won’t. Next step would be to try and run the command the server is running from the console of the machine itself:

# /usr/bin/ "/mnt/music/AC-DC/Live/01. Thunderstruck.flac" 0 394.706 "flac"

You should get a stream of crap to the console — a wave file.

If not, check to make sure you have the “flac” binary somewhere. That’s what it uses to transcode, so no flac = no transcode.

Also, sometimes the daemon environment is different than the console environment, so it might make sense to edit the script and put in full paths to the files in the first couple lines… so rather than:


change it to


and so on, for hte other files in the header (for those you ar transcoding, anyway). See where that gets you.

— Ron