Reply To: Soundbridge problem: Cannot play"xxxxxx"


@jw2k_fr wrote:

I have a Kurobox (PPC Debian install) serving Flac files to a Roku Soundbridge (latest firmware).

I had a couple of setup issues, but somewhere along the way I have lost the ability to play music. The Roku can see and will connect to the Firefly service on the Kuro. I can also browse a list of artists, albums, songs etc. However, as soon as I select something to play, I get an error message — Cannot play “xxxxxx” –. If playing an album it will do this for each track in the album.

I have changed the permissions on my audio files (777) and tried running Firefly as a different user. I have deleted and re-created my index file and there doesn’t appear to be anything untoward in the logfile (I will post an excerpt tonight) as it lists serving up the file without an error message that I can see at Log level 5.

Anyone have any suggestions of things to try?
Many thanks


Can you run the debug at 9 and post that?