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@alanstedall wrote:

Sorry, Ron

Looks like my celebrations wre slightly premature.

Firefly has picked up all the music tracks OK and all the playlists from iTunes, but the Firefly versions of the playlists are shown empty, despite the iTunes versions (both fixed and smart) being full.

Why should this be ?

Thanks & regards


Not sure, because it should. Force it to do a full rescan, or a couple more background rescans and see if they appear. There was some messing with playlist handling that might cause it to take a couple scans before it settles down.

If not, then I’d like to see your logfile to see whats happening. If you coule push your debuglevel in the web admin to 9, then force a full scan, and zip and email your firefly.log (from c:program filesfirefly media server) to [email protected], then I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it.

— Ron