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I would appreciate any help on this problem. Firefly is aborting under Windows XP as follows:
007-02-21 09:26:22 (e0f29ce9): Starting with debuglevel 0
2007-02-21 09:26:22 (e0f29ce9): Starting rendezvous daemon
2007-02-21 09:26:22 (e0f29ce9): Initializing database
2007-02-21 09:26:25 (e0f29ce9): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
2007-02-21 09:26:25 (e0f29ce9): Registering rendezvous names
2007-02-21 09:26:25 (e0f29ce9): Serving 2476 songs. Startup complete in 3 seconds
2007-02-21 09:26:25 (e0f29ce9): Rescanning database
2007-02-21 09:26:34 (e0f29ce9): Starting playlist scan
2007-02-21 09:26:35 (e0f29ce9): Scanned 2476 songs (was 2476) in 10 seconds
2007-02-21 09:30:09 (e0f29ce9): Rescanning database
2007-02-21 09:34:09 (e0f29ce9): Starting playlist scan
2007-02-21 09:34:10 (e0f29ce9): Scanned 2476 songs (was 2476) in 241 seconds
2007-02-21 09:40:45 (e0f29ce9): Rescanning database
2007-02-21 09:41:30 (e0f29ce9): Query: INSERT INTO updated VALUES (463)
2007-02-21 09:41:30 (e0f29ce9): Error: unable to open database file
2007-02-21 09:41:30: Aborting

I have checked that Firefly is registered as an exclusion to the Windows Firewall and it is. Also I have checked the share permissions on the iTunes music file and these are set to share.

I run McAfee and tried switching this off, but it keeps re-starting. In any event I can’t keep my virus checker switched off permanently.

Any advice greatly appreciated as to how to fix this.

One other more minor query: Where does iTunes keep its playlists ? I would like to declare this file to Firefly as a “Play List File” within Firefly’s “Configuration” panel.



Latest nightlies have an updated database that works harder to avoid the virus scanner problems. You can get it at

WRT to playlists, it is in the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file, which should be in your “My Music” folder. If you add that folder as a music directory using hte web interface, it should pick up the itunes playlists.

— Ron