Reply To: CAN YOU SET UP A STATIC PLAYLIST?????? Racking my brain


I do in fact have windows and all of my music is stored on my linux server which holds all my music and serves it to all my computers via the network via mt-daapd server . I want to make playlists that are on the server so if i am downstairs and add a song to a static playlist (Which I don’t know how to set up yet) and then be able to play that song from that playlist somewhere else in my house.

I really do appreciate all your replies, you guys rock. I havn’t tried the nighties yet and don’t know how, but if that solves this problem then i will do it.

Oh and i don’t have any music on any of my computers, they are all on the server, so my xml file wouldn’t really work unless i put it all on one of my desktops and set up playlists that way, but if i add or subtract from the server I would have to do that too on my desktop. Pain in the ass and probobly not worth it.

But I do love what this program does so far, freeeeeeking awsome.

Thanks guys