Reply To: CAN YOU SET UP A STATIC PLAYLIST?????? Racking my brain


@matt21572 wrote:

Ok maybe I didn’t make myself understood, I have playlists when I enable m3u, they were set up a long time ago and are a lot of different ones. But i can’t add to them using itunes, I can not right click on a song and add it to that playlist or drag and drop it to that playlist and I really don’t know how to add a playlist that allows the drag and drop function. Like if I am using itunes normally without a linux server running mt-daapd I can create a playlist (static) and add songs from my library to that playlist. I thought i could do this to my linux server running my songs via mt-daapd. If anyone can help me please do, I will love you forever.

Thanks in advance, and oh by the way, this is a freaking awsome program. Absolutely the best linux program I have found yet and played with.

With latest nightlies, you can have it read your iTunes xml file. Are you windows or mac on your iTunes? And where is your music stored now?