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@dscycler wrote:

I was not able to get firefly running properly with Vista running standalone and the iTunes media pointing to a Win2003 server. Once I joined the domain and set the firefly service to log in as the domain user things are fine.

There is still a roadblock with UAC and the configuration tool though.

Thanks for your help and trust you will shake the flu.

That’s kind of a generic windows permissions thing, though.

You *should* be able to create a local user (that is an admin) that has the same username and password as a user on the domain that has rights (as long as the 2k3 server is a dc), or has the same username and password as a local user on the 2k3 server if it’s just a member server, but sure, adding it to the domain is a lot easier.

I’ve started splitting out the admin stuff into a separate program, but I’m a slow windows coder. 🙂 I spend too much time in msdn and not enough time pounding out code.

haven’t coded win32 in a long time.

— Ron