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@dscycler wrote:

I am able to launch in debug mode and firefly scans my itunes and comes up with 3213 songs. Then I close debug mode. Then I start the firefly service and run the configuration mode. When it starts it does see the 3213 songs but on rescan the db has 0 songs.

2007-02-19 18:25:11 (8fa832aa): Firefly Version svn-1498: Starting with debuglevel 2
2007-02-19 18:25:11 (8fa832aa): Starting rendezvous daemon
2007-02-19 18:25:11 (8fa832aa): Building drive mapping table from E:Program FilesFirefly Media Servermapping.ini
2007-02-19 18:25:11 (8fa832aa): Initializing database
2007-02-19 18:25:12 (8fa832aa): Starting web server from E:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
2007-02-19 18:25:12 (8fa832aa): Registering rendezvous names
2007-02-19 18:25:12 (8fa832aa): Serving 3213 songs. Startup complete in 1 seconds
2007-02-19 18:25:12 (8fa832aa): Rescanning database
2007-02-19 18:25:12 (8fa832aa): Starting playlist scan
2007-02-19 18:25:15 (8fa832aa): Updating playlists
2007-02-19 18:25:16 (8fa832aa): Scanned 0 songs (was 3213) in 4 seconds

At that point the web interface shows 0 songs and there are 0 songs shown on my Roku 1000. Also the songs3.db is 1,888 KB so there appear to be data rows in there. (It was 12 KB until I ran in debug mode.)

svn-1498 run like a champ on XP Pro.

Any ideas? I have a functioning dual boot system and will happily test.

Also Configuration tool allows only access to web interface. Also there is an error when trying to add a 2nd music folder.

All of those are from the service not logging in as a user. Go into the service admin and change the logon from local system to your user account, and it should work.

There are some UAC problems on vista, but those are unrelated to the ones you are seeing.

— Ron