Reply To: firefly and avahi


Hard to say but something must get out. The Roku’s DO find the firefly so there must be a packet coming out. I just cant see it on the NSLU and theres these tons of error messages that puzzle me and which fill up a lot of the logs.

1. Its a big hassle trying to see such services from an external machine, if your only external is windoze. You know a good browser for mdns? The only one i found was jmdns (java implementation).

2. I can see the firefly and also a manually set ssh announcement with jmdsn (which both aint visible locally on the NSLU. Hrm.)! A 2nd manual rsp announcement I cannot say because the jmdns doesnt know RSP service and never shows it. The Rokus see only the local service, not the remote one though. And my log files keep filling with these error messages.