Reply To: Aability to view how many users are connected to your music


@CCRDude wrote:

If Firefly is running on Linux, it’s in your browser. I think Ron has changed the port for the Windows and Mac versions (since 3689 could be the original iTunes client/server), so I suggest you try visiting in your browser ( is a generic address that always points to the local computer).

On the mac, mike defaulted it to an auto-assigned port, which presumably was more friendly than not knowing what port it runs on (?)

So it’s probably running on the first ephemeral port — 1024.

As far as the “Never stops starting”, that’s a bug that happens when the share name is too long. If you change your share name to something short (“firefly”, maybe?) then it should start up better, and the stuff will be un-greyed. The latest nightlies should have a fix for that as well.

Then you should be able to get into the web admin.

– Ron