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Have been using firefly for about 18 months on a PC – updating with nightlies every so often serving a roku roku (Kitchen) and pinnacle roku in the living room for about 18 months.

Always found the product really stable… just didn’t like having my desk top running all the time. So….

Finally stuck my toe into a linux world (I am really not technical at all – this is my first go at flashing / linux) and have unslung onto a pen drive with 3 usb disks hung of the other port using a usb hub.

So far so good – I’m listening to some great sounds, from a little test directory on the slug (10 albums) while it’s merrily scanning the big drive (34k songs) – I did the whole installation from flashing to scanning in about 3 hours, (including reading around it)

A big thanks to Ron for a great product, clear guides, great support, and generally being a top fella !


Woohoo! Thanks for the feedback. Mostly I get “my stuff is broke” posts here, so it’s nice to hear from someone for whom its working. 🙂

I appreciate it. Have fun.

— Ron