Reply To: performance differences between itunes and nslu2


Hmmmm… I get more confused by the day 😀

I’ll repeat my previous results and add one more:

With svn-1498 & sqlite3, accessing 20k songs & 10 smart playlists took 1:42.
With svn-1498 & sqlite3, accessing 20k songs & no smart playlists took 0:47.
With 0.2.4 & gdbm, accessing 20k songs with ??? took 0:28.

I guess I’ll have to check with 0.2.4 again to make sure whether that was with playlists or not; looking at those times now, if 0.2.4 was without smart playlists, the sqlite3 loss may only be 50% instead of 350% 🙂
In that case, the smart playlists would be at fault. I’ve been thinking on how this situation could be improved… do you make additional passes for those (probably)? In that case the file caching method would probably be tuned even finer… though I start to tend thinking that using the smart playlist criteria on all those songs ten times might also be the factor, which couldn’t be influenced really.

Need to get used to using a Soundbridge in the office as well I gues… 😀