Reply To: performance differences between itunes and nslu2


@CCRDude wrote:

@ron: well, I’ll try to disable smart playlists when the machine isn’t used for some time and I find the sqlite terms to rename the playlists table to something else temporarily, so I don’t have to enter them all again afterwards 😉
If that is the case, it seems iTunes is coded even worse than I could imagine 😀 The protocol at least allows to read playlists separately, but may be right, they’re there immediately in the client once opened, might be iTunes is reading their contents on connection directly as well.

Right, it sucks *everything* down on the connect. Until I get a gdbm backed db, though, it will be hard to tell where the bottleneck is. Might be that indexed reads into the database is fast enough that I could build a small btree in memory just with sizes, and stream it all out on a pass through the tree. That way, I’m building it in memory, and get rid of a pass on the db.

Dunno… might play with the memory map too, just to see how it shakes out. I just gotta finish up the vista crap first. Ugh.