Reply To: performance differences between itunes and nslu2


@CCRDude wrote:

With svn-1498 & sqlite3, accessing 20k songs took 1:42.
With 0.2.4 & gdbm, accessing 20k songs took 0:28.

Try it without playlists on sqlite3.

I don’t think that’s all due to traversal. I get a full gdbm traversal in sub-second times. I think the big difference there is gdbm versus sqlite.

Would have tried svn-1498 with gdbm, but sadly the new configure requires me to use either –enable-sqlite or –enable-sqlite3 and doesn’t accept just –enable-gdbm, and the config file doesn’t allow it either.

The gdbm isn’t quite there yet.

But this difference is even more than 1:3!

Again, this isn’t all due to multi-passes, I think it might also be db. I want to get a gdbm backend in there — that will be apples to apples.

— Ron