Reply To: performance differences between itunes and nslu2


Ron – glad you’re looking into the speed thing…

I’m not sure how this helps but here are my observations:

I have just come to the conclusion (by trial an error) that that the limit of my set up is some where around 20k songs with a wireless roku. Using itunes on a wireless laptop it does finally get the entire songs list but it takes over a minute. I think the ROKU just times out because I always get a “failed to load browse data” at around 20k. The itunes setup will go all the way to 35k (the total number of songs in my library), – if you wait long enough.

Interestingly if I reboot everything (slug, router, Roku) and let the whole thing settle down (wait 10 minutes) the Roku will load the songs list when I select browse songs. If I then shout down and start the Roku up against, it won’t browse all the songs again. – Also the reboot of everything never enables me to browse albums or artists – that’s a bit weird?

As far as the roku is concerned I think the problem was made worse when I started a concerted effort to update all my tags using media monkey (including put in cover art in the tag to stop all those messy files cluttering up my directories – would adding tag data in make thinks worse?

I have added sqlite indexes to titles, albums and artists and this made no change to the ability to browse 25k songs.

I can’t find the “correct order” flag to speed things up

Will sqlite3 help here?

Is there anything else worth trying? Else I’ll just cut my songs down to around 15k, and wait until then next fix.