Reply To: performance differences between itunes and nslu2


@hendl wrote:

I use the before latest nightly (-1489) on an unslugged nslu2 with two soundbridges and it works perfectly. Once I try to hear music from the firefly via itunes 7 on windows it tooks several minutes (!) to get the whole songlist into the itunes client. During this time many data are transmitted as the leds at the switch show. After getting the song list the network transfer rate is enormously lower than during playing the same song via the soundbridge (???). Is it possible to speed up the itunes?

I’ve not deunderlocked my nslu2 – it’s a plan for the future. Serving two soundbridges is no problem as well as two soundbridges and one itunes.

Thanks, Stephan

For big libraries, listening via iTunes is slow. It’s a protocol not suited for embedded machines. It assumes the machine has plenty of RAM and plenty of CPU. On the slug, that just isn’t so.

One way to make it faster would be to replace the backend database with GDBM rather than sqlite. That’s going to happen soon for the embedded targets.

Another way to make it faster is to set the “correct order” flag to “No” in the web config. That’s an expensive query on the slug.

Other than that, I’m going to continue to try and speed up the slug, but I think it’s always going to be pretty ugly serving daap on an embedded device.

— Ron