Reply To: NSLU2 Performance Tips?


@chaintong wrote:

Can someone explain

“tmp, too. move that off to someplace fast, rather than the flash disk — it builds a temp table for select distinct queries, so a slow /tmp will cause problems. “

I guess thats not a mt-daapd config file /tmp, but a unslung / linux thing..

can some one tell me where the config for this os level tmp is defined (i’m very new to the whole linux thing) and still finding it hard to get my head round


Correct… the /tmp folder on your slug is where temporary files are created. If you do a “mount” command, you’ll see where stuff is mounted. My guess is that your “/” is mounted to the flash drive. Which is fine, but that means that your /tmp directory is on the flash drive as well, which has terrible write speeds.

Actually, just do a “mount” and post what it returns. We can probably symlink your tmp to somewhere on the hard drive and have it perform better.

— Ron