Reply To: NSLU2 Performance Tips?


@fizze wrote:

Well, the NSLU2 isnt very powerful either. Nm though.

An un-de-underclocked NSLU2 runs at 133 bogomips. The original terastation is the same hardware as my linkstation-hg, which runs at 174 bogomips.

Plus, the linkstation has hardware FPU. Upshot – the linkstation/terastation is *much* faster than the nslu2. Not sure why the terastation won’t decode flac in realtime — the slug will.

As far as being on-topic, you might try moving your db to a faster device. Either a network mounted file system or a hard drive. That should help some.

Oh, and /tmp, too. move that off to someplace fast, rather than the flash disk — it builds a temp table for select distinct queries, so a slow /tmp will cause problems.

— Ron