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Reply To: NSLU2 with nightly, but Soundbridge will not connect



@sluggi wrote:

In the meantime I’m able to connect the SB to the NSLU2 via WLAN without connecting it before wired.
The only issue is that I have to restart the SB after a period of inactivity of the SB.
After this restart I’m able to connect to the mt-daapd via WLAN.

This is a little bit circumstantially.
Have some an idea how to solve this problem.

The fundamental cause is that your router isn’t passing multicast between the wired and wireless sides of the network. When you plug it into wired, suddenly your pc sees the stuff, and adds it to itunes and the soundbridge. But after you plug it back into the wireless, then it stops seeing the announcements, and eventually it disappears from both devices. That’s what’s happening.

The only fix I know is updated firmware, or a router that passes multicast between wired and wireless.