Reply To: NSLU2 with nightly, but Soundbridge will not connect


There is a 12/25/2005 firmware update here:,420050117110858,420041221102511,420041221102520,420050117110916,420050117110934,420050831093216,420050831095441,420060420161739,420060420160946

It also says 3.40, so I’m not sure if it actually adds any features. I’m prett sure on the Zyxel you just have to enable IGMP v2 in the web admin. The default username is blank with a password of 1234, iirc.

I’m downloading the user guide right now, so I’ll post more if I find more info on it.

I have enabled IGMP v2 on the Zyxel. Restart the router. But the result is the same. The SB will not connect/find the mt-daapd.
The TCP/IP settings on the Zyxel are now:

RIP Direction none
RIP Version not available
Multicast IGMP-v2

Up to now I haven’t upgrade the firmware on the Zyxel. Because I’m not sure if my provider settings are lost afterwards.
— Olaf