Reply To: Can’t get iTunes to find mt-daapd


@DeadPoet wrote:

Thanks for your quick reply!

I now tried uninstalling avahi (which worked 😉 ). But still FireFly/mt-daap is not working for me in iTunes :/

There are two things wrong — one is that it’s using the built-in mdns rather than avahi, which is a packaging bug on my part. Don’t know how that happened — I’ll have to check the build logs.

The other part is that it seems like you must have either an old-style confgi (from 0.2.4) or you don’t have the plug-ins. You should have a section in your config like this:

plugin_dir = /usr/share/mt-daapd/plugins

If not, or if your config looks like:

mp3_dir /path/to/dir
servername mt-daapd

instead of:

mp3_dir = /path/to/dir
servername = mt-daapd

then try deleting your config, re-installing the mt-daapd package and then tweaking the resulting config.

Meanwhile, I’ll double-check teh build logs and see what’s up with not using avahi.