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Reply To: Smart Playlists – Flag equivalents in ID tags



Since there are so many different tags possible, a name like TXXX:… is too tied to one standard imho. Something like custom:fieldname would probably fit more there. But that would require the (file/tag) parser to store all attributes of a tag in the database, not just the standard ones., which would mean an additional increase in database size (e.g. if you have a bunch of lyrics, that could multiple your database size by a factor depending on how many lyrics you have).
So: not overloading the comments field would mean overloading the database there, which imho isn’t really a compromize.

Regarding the mood (TMOO) field: since it’s a standard text field, it probably gets treated exactly the same way as Artist/Album/etc., with free text. I guess once Firefly supports it, I’ll start using that field myself, might really help creating more specific smart playlists 🙂