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Reply To: Smart Playlists – Flag equivalents in ID tags



First, let me say that I’m a very happy Firefly user. Please keep up the good work on this fantastic software.

I agree with the original poster that more transparency regarding ID3 tags would be helpful. It is not obvious what ID3 (or APE?) tags some of the Firefly tags, “Type” for example, map to. Is this the ID3 v2.3 TFLT file type tag?

“Description”, “Grouping”, and probably many others are also inscrutable. Because every tag editor and music player has its own name for each tag it is a matter of trial and error to figure out which one to use. Perhaps the ID3 tag could be shown in parenthesis in the wizard select inputs? Or, better yet, include more complete instructions on how to format playlist queries (mention the inconsistent !includes usage for example) and perhaps mention the tag mapping there.

Another possibility I would like to see is support for TXXX user-defined tags. I don’t prefer to overload the comment field with custom strings because this is problematic. I’m not sure how you could add that without adding complexity to your parser though. Perhaps something like the following.

genre includes "rock" AND txxx:rec = "live"